Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home Ec. Project: Apron

I finished the apron a while ago but just hadn't gotten around to uploading the photos and making a post about it. Back in the fall I needed a special gift for a friends bridal shower so I decided to combine two things I love: Christmas and sewing! And make her cute little apron. It fit her perfectly and she loved it(I already knew she would love it because I used polka dot fabric, Krys loves polka dots, it's almost an obsession). Making this apron was pretty easy which I was surprised by because I jumped way ahead on the project list instead of following in order. I found that the hardest part was cutting the fabric to the right size. To add to the challenge, I completed the apron while visiting my parents, nothing like tackling a new sewing project and having to use your mom's 25 year old(at least) sewing machine.
Mom's machine(above), and her iron(below).

(originally posted in January 2011, having issues importing my old blog)

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