Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

Our Fathers day celebration was pretty low key this year.  I had grand intentions of posting about it yesterday, but the cloudy sky seemed to make the day pass by so fast.  
After getting the grass cut and finishing laundry we decided to take a drive out to the falls. 

Me and Brady ordered the Da Da's gift from the pottery shop LennyMud on Etsy.  He is forever misplacing his keys, sunglasses, phone, wallet, and watch, pretty much anything of importance and value. We thought this rustic looking change dish would be the answer to the problem and help keep Daddy's things all in one place.  

The change dish arrived just in time, despite a postal service rolling and national strike, I was so thankful for Lorrie's super fast shipping.  The dish has 'Dad I love you' stamped into it, is just the perfect size, and so far has worked like a charm! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fresh in the Shop

 New burp cloths are now listed in my Etsy shop in cutie Michael Miller, Riley Blake, and Alexander Henry fabrics.  They are backed with creamy minky fabric making them so so soft and very absorbent for soaking up those emergency spills or spit ups.  These burp cloths are so much nicer than those cheap packages(of 6 or 12) you can get in any store with a baby aisle, these cloths continue to keep baby trendy and in style even after 100 trips through the washing machine.  I have been busy making a stock pile of the gender neutral prints for when our new bundle arrives, I can't wait to be able to throw a couple in the diaper bag and show them(and the baby) off. 
Pair a couple burp cloths with a bib(below) and make a really great baby gift.  Visit the shop for more deets. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend DIY - Crochet Doily Bunting

I have been wanting to make one of these for a while, because they're just so pretty!!!  This weekend I decided to go for it!  And while I was at it I decided I might as well take photo's so I could make a tutorial to share.  It was an easy peasy project, and it didn't take me long at all.  I was able to make the bunting and photograph it all while Brady napped.

You will need: 
- Doilies, I was lucky enough to find 3 matching ones at our local thrift store.  Of course they don't have to match, get a whole bunch of different shaped ones, use colorful ones!  Make your bunting anyway you like!
- Extra wide bias tape, which I also found at the thrift store, score!
- And the usual: pins, scissors, thread, bobbin, iron, and a sewing machine

Step One:  Cut your bias tape to your preferred length, or just leave it.  I cut mine to 48 inches.  Then give your bias tape a quick once over with the iron, just to get rid of any bumps it may have gotten from being packaged.

Step Two:  I ate a bowl of cereal, you can omit this if you like.  I also ate a cookie.

Step Three:  Cut your doilies in half, I folded mine in half and cut along the crease.

Step Four:  Find the center of your bias tape(mine is 24"), place your first doily there and pin.

Pin the rest of your doilies in place, working your way out.  It helps to have a big working space for this step, I used my ironing board, there is never ever any room on my desk to work.  

Step Five:  Time to sew!  I left some space on the ends of my bias tape to use as ties, that's where I'm going to start to sew, right at the start of where my doilies are placed. 

Very carefully sew your bunting together, makeing sure you are stitching through both sides of the bias tape and the doilie in the middle.   Very tricky, but if you have pinned everything well you shouldn't have any problems.

Step Six:  After sewing your bunting together, run the iron over the bias tape one more time.  Then you're done! 

Right now my new bunting is prettying up my kitchen, but if I happen to have a baby girl in September maybe I'll hang it above her crib :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Great Sunflower Challenge

Today at our Mommy and Me/reading group one of the girls brought in these adorable sunflower growing kits.  One for everybody.  The idea is to have a contest among the moms and our littles to see who can grow the tallest sunflower,  she even started a blog so we can share our progress(or to check out the competish) over the summer.  Our contest is mostly for the kids, so they can help plant the seeds and watch their plants grow, but I think I might be a little more excited than they. 

Day 1: Team Brady planted the seeds.  
We actually planted 3, Seed A, B, and C, just for good measure.

I did most of the dirty work while Brady napped.  He woke up in time for the watering.

I hope we didn't drown them.