Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Food How To: Applesauce

Ingredients: Apples!! You'll need half a dozen or so, give or take, depending on size. Peel, core and slice into small-ish pieces and throw into a frying pan(or sauce pan, really any pan will do).  Add a couple Tbsp's of water, not too much though, juice will come out of the apples as they cook. You can also bake the apples in the oven, I just prefer to do it this way.
I added two Tbsp's of water for my seven apples.
  Cook until the apples turn brown and can easily be cut with a fork.  When they're all done put the apples into a food processor or blender.
Before pureeing add a handful of blueberries(the super fruit!) to give your baby lot's of healthy anti-oxidents.  For babies just starting solids, stick with just the apples, and for older babies add a dash of cinnamon.  Puree the apples until smooth. If you end up having consistency problems add a little more water to thin it out, or add a banana to thicken it up.  
Poor the applesauce into containers and freeze. You can pour the applesauce into an ice cube tray, I like to use these tiny Glad containers that way I can take one out as I go and store leftovers in the fridge, plus they are great for travel.  Follow the same recipe for pears and you'll be on your way to never buying another baby food jar again!

(Originally posted 09/30/10)

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